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Bognanco Water & Spa

The Bognanco Health Resort is located 700 meters above sea level and is 7 km from Domodossola.

Bognanco and its thermal baths are in a corner of Piedmont bordering Switzerland, in a green valley with waterfalls, streams and an attractive mild climate called the Valley of 100 Waterfalls. 


This amazing mineral water was discovered in 1863 in Val Bognanco from a spring called San Lorenzo—which is known as Lindos today—when it was first drank it was found to be effervescent directly from the earth.  They then confided with the local chaplain, Don Tichelli who, after having analyzed the water and discovered its therapeutic properties, bought the land and the source, starting the exploitation of the source and identifying several other minerals.

This water was first bottles in 1929 with a fully automated process, that same year Bognanco emerged as a spa and holiday resort. 

Today, after 150 years, the qualities that had attracted the attention of Italy, Europe and America remain unchanged.

To date, the Baths of Bognanco can boast the presence of more than 20 million visitors, 10 million of whom have benefited from hydroponic treatments and counting.

Lindos Natural Magnesium